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Voluntary workforce service is being transferred from Smederevo to Belgrade

The article describes the alleged achievements of a so called voluntary workforce service in rebuilding Smederevo and its subsequent transfers to… Read more

Dreseden, the city of foreign workers

The article depicts Dreseden as a city of feign workers. It details the working and living conditions of workers from 18 Eureopean countries and states that prisoners of war and voluntary workers… Read more

What does the life of young man in the camp of volonter work force in Smederevo looks like

The article presents in some detail conditions and activities in camp of volonter work force… Read more

Why did we come to Germany?

The article presents an entire letter of a Serbian worker in Germany, allegedly one Petar Predic. The letter presents a short depiction of historic events and circumstances leading to the fact that … Read more

How do Serbian workers in Germany live

The article quotes in entirety a length letter that was supposedly written by a Serbian worker in Germany. While the first part of he letter depicts great working conditions in Germany and equality of Serbian and … Read more

Statement for Serbian workers who travel to Germany to work

The article states that the German commission for employment attached to Belgrade stock market is resuming working after Christmas holidays. Article states … Read more

Money transfers from Serbian workers in Germany

The very short notice relates that supposedly money transfers from Serbian workers in Germany to Serbia ‘’so far’’has been exactly 45,982.092.80 dinars. Read more

Over 2000 workers from Kragujevac are employed in Germany

The article details the news of allegedly over 2000 workers from Serbian town of Kragujevac who are employed in Germany. It reiterates the supposition that … Read more

The workings of Serbian workers delegation in Berlin

The article presents in many details the workings of Serbian workers delegation in Berlin. For added authenticity an address of the offices of such a delegation … Read more

New Year’s greetings for Serbian workers in Germany: radio speech of assistant minister for social policies

The article quotes an entire radio speech of an assistant minister in the collaborationist administration of occupied Serbia … Read more

Serbian workers from Germany congratulate general Nedic for cleansing communist pestilence from Serbia

The article states that besides many letters coming from Serbian prisoners of war in Germany … Read more

The first culture program show by Serbian workers in Berlin

The article presents in great detail and authenticity the first show organized and performed by Serbian workers in Berlin comprising singing, theatrical play parts and playing various … Read more

The delegation of Serbian workers in Germany

The article relates the news of the visit of the delegation of Serbian workers to Germany. The text presents this news as a great achievement in efforts to establish supposed equality … Read more

The recruits leave for the compulsory work

The short notice conveys the news that group of workers recruited in Belgrade has left to do the compulsory work. The age of workers has been listed by their years of birth as 1919, 1920 and 1921 … Read more

The life of Serbian workers in Dresden

The article is supposedly written by a Serbian worker working in Dresden, one Petar Predic a factory worker. He describes in some detail the work and life of Serbian workers working with him in Dresden. He presents in most favorable way … Read more

Serbian workers at a party in Berlin

The article describes a party organized by the Nazi organization Strength and joy for foreign workers in Berlin. The article describes party program in some detail with musical… Read more

”Strength and joy” for foreign workers in Berlin

The article supposedly written by the reporter in Berlin relates activities of Nazi organization ”Strength and joy” that have had aimed at providing leisure for… Read more

Serbian workers in Dresden prepare for the leave

The article relates the supposedly soon coming of Serbian workers from Germany to Serbia ”on a leave”. First part of the article has been written by the reporter briefly… Read more

The second group of recruits go to work

Article shortly brings the news from town of Kikinda in Banat, that the second group of recruited workers have gone to work to replace the first group. The big headline tells about… Read more

Our workers in Germany have all preconditions for nice development

The article presents in the best possible light the conditions of Serbian workers in Germany.  For increased authenticity the main part of… Read more

Mobilization of working service in Banat

The Article relates the news that Head of Banat district, which was an autonomous administrative region within the occupied Serbia, one Sep Lap, declared the mobilization of… Read more

Rule for the establishment of our economy and immigration delegation in Berlin

The Article relates in full the rule for the establishment of economy and immigration delegation… Read more

Serbian workers on Lange lake

The article relates the story of a one day excursion of Serbian workers working in and around Berlin to a lake Lange. The article relates personal stories of two workers told by… Read more

Changes in regulation on mandatory work

The article presents changes in regulation on mandatory work. The first change deals with males age 17 to 55… Read more

Chetniks work and replace their brothers who were captured in war

The article describes activities of Chetnik movement units participating in field agricultural works thus helping local… Read more

Massive participation of foreign workers in Germany

The article presents in a most favorable tone the role of foreign workers in German economy. It cites a Nazi official… Read more

Call for medical doctors designated to replace our PoW doctors in Germany

The article lists the names of medical doctors from Serbia who were designated by collaborationist administration… Read more

Serbian youth participates in various works with success

The article describes in a positive way work done by participants from the ”first Belgrade group” recruited by… Read more