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A French Slave in Nazi Germany – A Testimony by Elie Poulard

The Required Work Service Law, or Service du Travail Obligatoire, was passed in 1943 by the Vichy government of France under German occupation. Passage of the law confirmed the French government’s willing collaboration in providing the Nazi regime with French manpower to replace German workers sent to fight in the war. Read more

Macht Arbeit Frei?:
German Economic Policy and Forced Labor of Jews in the General Government, 1939-1943

This volume is the first ever complex study to address Jewish forced labor and the German economic policy in the General Government, which was a part of occupied Poland during World War II and the Holocaust. Read more

Hitler’s Slaves
Life Stories of Forced Labourers in Nazi-Occupied Europe

During World War II at least 13.5 million people were employed as forced labourers in Germany and across the territories occupied by the German Reich. Most came from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldavia, the Baltic countries, France, Poland and Italy. Read more