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Serbian workers in Dresden prepare for the leave

11 04 1942

Article 11 – published in Novo vreme on 11.04.1942 on page 3

The article relates the supposedly soon coming of Serbian workers from Germany to Serbia ”on a leave”. First part of the article has been written by the reporter briefly describing conditions under which the workers went to Germany. The second part of the article has been told to readers by workers in plural expressing the general wish of workers to help their  country Serbia instead of fighting against ”enemies within” by fighting on the ”work front”.

Articles presented in “Historical Newspapers” category are from historic newspapers printed in Belgrade from 1941 till 1944. Most of the articles  have been printed in Novo vreme – New Times magazine. This magazine has been printed by collaborationist government and thus reflects propagandistic and positive attitudes towards Third Reich and labor issues including the forced and voluntary labor. A whole range of themes covered in articles present the complexity of forced labor in that time and a huge effort by collaborationist government and the media supporting it to present labor issue in a way suitable for Third Reich and its goal of acquiring sufficient number of workers from Serbia in one way or another.