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Forced labour in the National Socialist state: Further information and references

European Netowrk Rememberence and Solidarity

The history of forced labour in the National Socialist state is not solely restricted to the
ìGerman Reichî in its spatial reflection but likewise affects all territories occupied by the
Germans and their Allies during Second World War. Thus, it reached an international
European dimension. It is the history of forced migrations of a formerly unprecedented
extent under inhuman and brutal conditions. It is a history of misdoings which were
committed in broad daylight to foreign forced labourers by those in charge. This was not
only facilitated by the National Socialist ideology ñ in fact the existing pattern of
prejudices amongst Germans against foreigners and ethnic groups allowed the system
of forced labour to flourish without being questioned in the slightest. Forced labour was
a permanently publicly committed injustice, however, it was not considered to be wrong
among large parts of the population.